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Here at Rent-a-Extinguisher, we pride ourselves in providing only the best quality fire equipment and accessories! Below is a list of products we deal with as well as a small explanation on each. Should you have any queries with regards to equipment, give us a call and we’ll clear things up for you!

  • Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers in Various Sizes – Dry Chemical fire extinguishers extinguish the fire primarily by interrupting the chemical reaction of the fire triangle. Today’s most widely used type of fire extinguisher is the multipurpose dry chemical that is effective on Class A, B, and C fires. This agent also works by creating a barrier between the oxygen element and the fuel element on Class A fires. Ordinary dry chemical is for Class B & C fires only. It is important to use the correct extinguisher for the type of fuel! Using the incorrect agent can allow the fire to re-ignite after apparently being extinguished successfully.
  • C02 Fire Extinguishers – Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers extinguish fire by taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle and also be removing the heat with a very cold discharge. Carbon dioxide can be used on Class B & C fires. They are usually ineffective on Class A fires.
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs – Use OSHA and NFPA compliant fire extinguisher signs as part of your fire safety plan. Glow in the dark fire extinguisher signs and labels available today. Browse a large selection of tags, labels, and glow in the dark fire extinguisher signs. Most extinguisher signs and labels ship same day!
  • Arrow Signs – The Arrow sign is to show the location of firefighting equipment in a building or factory.
  • Luminescent Photo Exit Signs – Self illuminating exit signs are often considered as eco-friendly exit signs that will help you to mitigate emergency if it occurs. Exit signs are used to offer guidance for the public trapped in a closed hall suffering a fire existence towards the exit door.
  • Illuminated Exit Signs – exit signs are designed to be well lit, to direct occupants to safety in the event of a fire emergency.
  • Handicapped Signs – Help your facility maintain ADA compliance while informing guests and personnel about where they can and cannot park with ADA handicapped parking signs. Now you can designate parking spaces reserved for handicapped customers and staff with easy-to-view parking signage and our array of ADA signs.
  • Other Safety Signage

Our fire safety equipment is always in accordance with the SABS810 and is always serviced by SAQCC registered technicians. Our fire safety equipment has to pass in-house inspection prior to each and every delivery and installation. We do not charge a re-gas and refill fee when our fire extinguishers are used for legitimate fire-fighting purposes during the hire period – subject to fire report!